onsdag den 29. december 2010

Rethinking and Redecorating

After yesterdays inspirations I have felt an urge to get more inspired, and have Researched some more on the RE-things <3 I guess todays word is everything with the letters:"RE" in front of it... So many great things to do, so little space and time <3

Grass Flocked Banks 

redecorating your home in the best "springspirit" - these are so cute and I think they would bring the nature inside your house in the finest way, wich I really think i need this dark winter...

Joon and Jung 

This design is for me very inspirational because of the REcyckling and the new thinking - why not, this is simple and comfortable design at the same time...FORM FOLLOWS FUNTION! these designers sells this, but I think I have just found my next big projekt - this is good for me and my lack of patience I think <3

Recycled suitcase and upcycled catbed

This old suitcase has been Recycled and Upcycled for a decorative catbed, i Think this is very sweet and one day I have to own an old suitcase furniture for myself or my kitty i really doesn´t matter..

Ikea chandelier

This is simply amazing and recycling in the finest way.. all of the things are bought in IKEA - torn apart and put together in a different way and shape - Redecorating in the coolest way - I really need a new apartment for all my new crazy projects - but this I have to try soon...!
The steps to create this is to be found on the link:

I Forget to recycle...

Ellen Calvert -
you can buy her amazing products on the webpage... I love her last picture this just says everything about this Rethinking and Recycling, this green thinking is really inspirational for me and Upcycling is just the perfekt way to describe this new way of design... We dont judt recycle we make it better than before: Upcycling...!

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