lørdag den 15. januar 2011

Painting WTF?

Open your mind and let all your ideas and creativity fill the room... - NO WAY! 
I started painting some pictures today at my parents home, and what a bad idea... the first 10 min. was therapetic for me and really relaxing and calming - but then you begin correcting and wanting your picture to be perfect - and lets be honest - it never gets perfect! then it begins to irritate me with the fact, that it doesn't even look as nice as in the beginning, because the painting is now all wet, and you want a different color than what you have already panited, and then... - I simply put the brush down and quit the hole damn thing - OH MY GOD I AM SUCH A WEAK QUITTER!...

Pictures made by my mom - not jealous!

Pictures made by me... 

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